Mechanical Engineer

Education Required:
Bachelor of Science
Master of Science

Engineering skills required:

  • Working knowledge of static’s, strength of materials, power transmission, basic understanding of physics, math skills, analytical geometry, and an understanding of basic system interfaces.
  • Basic analytical skills using hand calculations and Finite Element Analyses

Mechanical Design Skills required:

  • Knowledge of good assembly practices in design
  • Knowledge of common machine shop practices to a level that allows for good mechanical design.
  • The ability to generate top level assembly models in Solid Works / Wildfire and then generate details to support fabrication, assembly, and support product.
  • CAD skills (Solid Works /Wildfire, PDM Works)
  • Good drafting skills
  • Knowledge of ASME Y14.5M-1994 and GD&T
  • Software programming a plus (Visual Basic, C++, Labview, PLC)

Mechanical Designer

Education Required:
Bachelor of Science
Technical course work / CAD training with minimum 2-5 years experience

Mechanical Design Skills required:

  • The ability to generate top level assembly models in Solid Works / Wildfire and then generate details to support fabrication, assembly, and support product.
  • CAD skills (Solid Works /Wildfire, PDM Works)
  • Good drafting skills
  • Knowledge of ASME Y14.5M-1994 and GD&T
  • Knowledge of good assembly practices in design
  • Knowledge of common machine shop practices to a level that allows for good mechanical design.

Software Engineer

Education Required:
Bachelor of Science
Certification in various software applications is suggested

Skills Required:

  • Research, design, develop, and test operating systems-level software, network distribution oftware.
  • Develop operational specifications and formulate and analyze software requirements.
  • Create functional and technical design specifications for development efforts.
  • C++, LabView, PLC, Assembly language, Pascal, Visual Basic, and others
  • Proficient programming skills,including familiarity with data types, syntax and control structures, and must be able to analyze and prioritize information to make appropriate recommendations.
  • Adept at debugging complex application problems and be able to produce quality software documentation, including requirements specifications, design documents and unit test plans.
  • Other important skills include problem solving, analytical skills and the ability to work as part of a team. Detail oriented and interested in keeping up with changing technology and software applications.
  • Tools include various assemblers, compilers, debuggers, real-time operating systems, editors, emulators, version control, defect/bug tracking.

Hardware Experience:

  • X86, Motorola, micro-controllers and support circuitry embedded controllers and miscellaneous computers

Design Experience:

  • Digital, analog, D/a and a/d circuits, FPGA design, I/O processing, interface to sensors of all types, board layout, electro-optical and electro-mechanical designs.
  • Familiar with industrial wiring specifications and international and NRTL listing and filing requirements, FDA, Semi S2, CE

Electrical Engineer

Education Required:
Bachelor of Science

Skills Required:

  • Engineering design and analysis of the electrical and electronic portions of a new product or revised product.
  • Collect data to determine the causes of failures and develop appropriate solutions. Executes portions of or an entire project plan.
  • Lead and coordinate the development of electrical components and subsystems.
  • Creates designs that satisfies the product requirements as outlined in the product specification and resolves design problems.
  • Performs engineering analysis to predict the behavior of the proposed designs.
  • Consults with other product design engineers on proposed product designs.
  • Works with vendors to finalize designs and develops specifications.
  • Helps assure that the vendor meets the requirements of the design.
  • Performs functions as required by established engineering procedures including project requests through engineering release.
  • Assures that designs meet the requirements of the customer as defined by specifications.
  • Coordinates work with other product development team members.
  • Conducts and participates in regular project team meetings.
  • Responsible for drawing package, bill of material, and product specification.
  • Responsible for the building of prototypes.
  • Works with test engineers and technicians to simulate the requirements of the customer.
  • Evaluates test data and develops design revisions to solve problems.
  • Keeps abreast of new technological developments, components, concepts, materials, manufacturing processes, or competitive environment, which would affect the design or design process.

Intern Engineer

Education Required:
In process of receiving Bachelor or Masters Science Degree in Engineering

Skills Required:

  • Research and Development ability
  • Initial Evaluation of materials and process to meet the conditions and requirements of the project.
  • Feasibility Study to proof concepts and determine best approach for new technology.
  • Theoretical Analysis
  • Develop first working hardware from off the shelf parts.
  • Design prototype assembly and test
  • Customer Interaction via design reviews
  • Attend Meetings and deliver presentations to customers when necessary.
  • Design components and systems using Solid Works

Quality Assurance Manager

Skills Required:

  • Monitors and advises on how the quality management system is performing and publishes data and reports regarding performance against set indicators.
  • Act as deputy management representative for audits.
  • Oversees QA matters for the facility and provide quality improvement recommendations as well as corrective and preventive action as appropriate.
  • Ensures production records are reviewed for accuracy and compliance with customer requirements.
  • Oversees the review and release of production lots by quality assurance personnel.
  • Ensures procedures (i.e. documentation system) are maintained in a manner to facilitate easy retrieval for reference that all procedures are controlled and reflect the latest revision that old versions are promptly removed to avoid confusion, the appropriate review and approval process is documented and personnel are trained to the procedures appropriate to their job description.
  • Ensures that product and process deviations are properly documented and investigated in a timely manner.
  • Oversees the customer complaint system to ensure accurate documentation, corrective action, and timely response.
  • Ensures that all personnel are adequately trained, and where required, certified for the job.
  • Ensures that production materials are tested for acceptability in accordance with written procedures.
  • Performs internal and external quality audits.
  • Facilitates and implements facility management reviews as it relates to the Quality System.

Manufacturing Manager

Skills Required:

  • Provides supervision, training, technical guidance and work direction for employees.
  • Establishes policies and procedures to eliminate down time on machines.
  • Works closely with the Production Coordinator to ensure that jobs are completed on time.
  • Communicates effectively with other shift managers to make shift transitions error free.
  • Trouble shoots difficult jobs and determine best practices.
  • Develops efficient operations in the shop, such as streamlining set-ups, organizing tools, jaws, vices, etc.
  • Designs work areas for maximum efficiency.
  • Verifies that machines and equipment are serviced and maintained.


Skills Required:

  • Performs CNC machining including set-up and operating of a variety of machines and work under the Manufacturing Manager’s general supervision.
  • Receives programming files on CNC Mills and machines product to print.
  • Reviews CNC part programs & setups for improvements.
  • Assists in training of machine operators as required.
  • Performs and verifies own machine setups prior to manufacturing.
  • Maintains equipment in good working order and maintains clean work area.
  • Conducts in-process dimension inspection and maintains product quality requirements and documentations.

CMM Operator

Skills Required:

  • Operates the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) which measures dimensions of parts and inspects fixtures / machine jigs.
  • Reads blueprints to determine dimensions and tolerance specifications per Geometric Dimension & Tolerance (GD&T).
  • Performs in-depth part layout using direct drive CMM and bench layout.
  • Performs capability studies
  • Maintains calibration system and checks fixtures
  • Performs gauge certification (dimensional)
  • Operates machinery & equipment according to the companies procedures using required safety equipment (gloves, sleeves, ear plugs, safety glasses etc.)
  • Compares recorded measurements to blueprint dimensions and tolerances and notifies specified persons of any discrepancies.
  • Assists in departmental operation wherever necessary
  • Keeps work areas clean and in orderly fashion
  • Participates in continuous improvement activities

Business Operations Manager

Education Required:
Bachelor Degree

Skills Required:

  • Manage a staff of 5-15 support personnel.
  • Overall day to day operations of the business.
  • Ensuring the cleanliness and orderliness of the entire facility.
  • Process and oversee inside product sales, job costing, project coordination, accounts receivable/payables, shipping and receiving
  • Procurement of products.
  • Maintain new business file providing information regarding all sales within the corporation.
  • Coordinate with accountant to assure all financial and tax accounting completed on schedule.
  • Track jobs and contact vendors on a continual basis.
  • Generate reports for job costing and purchase orders.

Production Coordinator

Skills Required:

  • Responsible for ensuring that the schedules for product manufacturing are adhered to.
  • Creates the most efficient use of machinery, material, and, most importantly, employees. After the master production plan is designed by the company’s management team, the production coordinator is responsible for the implementation of the plan.
  • Responsible for making sure the target dates set forth in the master plan are met on time.
  • Verifies that the company has enough production materials on hand at all times to complete their manufacturing goals. Additionally, the Production Coordinator is responsible for work schedules, work orders and department supervisors.
  • Monitors the status of projects that are underway, usually with a computerized tracking system and creates reports based on their observations throughout the entire manufacturing process.
  • Responsible for maintaining detailed records of the production process and communicating with the various manufacturing departments. The majority of Production Coordinator duties involve data collection, reporting and analysis.


Skills Required:

  • Ability to comprehend assembly drawings and / or written work instructions.
  • Maintain a clean and organized work environment
  • Mechanically inclined and familiar with basic hand tools
  • Prepares wires and cables for assembly to a given dimension or configuration
  • Labels assemblies in accordance with drawing specifications
  • Ability to crimp components using both manual and automated tooling

Shipping and Receiving

Skills Required:

  • Pulls purchase orders and other records to determine shipping priorities, work assignments, and shipping methods required to meet daily shipping methods requirements.
  • Works closely with the production coordinator to make sure products are pulled correctly and on schedule.
  • Inspects all parts and loading operations to ensure compliance with shipping specifications and packaging requirements indicated on the purchase order, certificate of conformance, packing slip, etc.
  • Communicates and provides records of unfilled orders.
  • Ability to comprehend a Quality Manual that outlines proper procedures for inspection stamps, packaging requirements, etc.


Skills Required:

  • Ability to operate motor vehicles to transport mail, materials, supplies, and personnel on a daily assigned route.
  • Operates an automobile to deliver mail, parts, supplies, equipment and other materials to designated facilities.
  • Makes deliveries to specific departments, offices or persons.
  • Picks up items from designated facilities for immediate, next day or future delivery.