Manu33-D offers a wide range of manufacturing capabilities including metal fabrication, plastic part processes, forming and welding. Assembly, secured stockroom, inventory control systems and a full complement of test and integration makes 3D a value added partner to get your products developed on time and within budget.

3-D Engineering Corporation has a proven track record of providing fabricated high precision parts that are many times incorporated into prototypes, and assemblies for complex engineering applications. Our facility is designed for cradle-to-grave product development beginning with concept development, feasibility testing/analysis, product design, drawings, fabrication, integration and testing. After acceptance of the first article/prototype our facility will produce the parts in quantities needed at a price you can’t turn down.

Manu4VicWe fabricate parts using an array of different materials from metal to plastics. As a one stop machine shop we have outsource partners that we use for parts plating, precision-cleaning, and heat treating parts in accordance with customer requirements. 3-D Engineering Corporation is compliant with MilSpec requirements for manufacture, packaging, labeling and shipping.

3-D Engineering Corp performs Finite Element Analysis and Product Testing as is required. Quick drawing modifications can be done in-house if our customers miss a dimension

Component fabrication

3-D Engineering Corporation has dedicated in house machine shop capabilities to provide customers with a cost-effective and quick turnaround delivery of custom machined parts and assemblies. We utilize top-of the-line, automated, computer-driven fabrication equipment that ensures each part meets customers specifications. Our capabilities include the following: CNC Mills, CNC Lathes, Coordinate Measuring Machine and other supporting equipment. We have the flexibility to respond to orders of any size, including single-part requests. Depending on your needs, we can often create your part the same day you place your order.

Manufacturing2smallHighest Quality Standards

3-D Engineering upholds the highest quality standards when designing or building a product resulting in reliability and reproducibility of all products. Our Process Capability encompasses limited/specific processes through full ISO-9001X compliance. We can demonstrate the capability and reliability of a

designed product by building working prototypes or pre-production units. We do qualification and verification testing on every unit we build to provide confirmation of operation before production launch of the product takes place.