Product Development

Picture1The Team at 3-D Engineering Corporation is focused on the complete development process, We work from proof of concept to low volume manufacturing runs. We design advanced products with greater functionality than the products they are replacing as well as new products that have no predecessor. 3-D’s technologies and the products which incorporate these technologies are influencing and improving peoples lives.

Picture103-D Engineering is focused on supporting and streamlining the product development process for our clients by offering services such as product specifications development, project management, engineering services, design development, prototyping, assembly, test, integration, product manufacturing and quality control. We have a proven track record and extensive expertise providing comprehensive product development services to a variety of industries and companies worldwide.

Additionally, we perform technology assessments and feasibility studies. 3-D Engineering’s processes are designed to speed the complete development lifecycle—from concept through manufacturing.

  • ORCA_nobgConcept Development
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary Design Concepts
  • Initial Prototyping
  • Prototype refinement
  • Test & Integration
  • Field Testing
  • Production phase

These combined turnkey product development services provide our clients a one-stop shop for the unsurpassed capability of developing and manufacturing innovative technology products on budget and on schedule without impacting internal resources or affecting existing sales.

3-D team has a genuine passion and ability to create cutting